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Click here NOW and Listen to the Blog Talk Radio Show! "CONTACTING SPIRITUAL ENTITIES on the SPIRITUAL DISCOVERY™ RADIO SHOW with professional Spiritual Trainer Linda Berry reviewing her "Spirit Contact Reference Guide." Linda is joined by her Special Guest "trance channel communicator" Alma (ATMA) Guthrie sharing Telepathic Transmitted Messages she has received from Spiritual Entities! Questions are answered for Callers and Chat Room like-minded individuals during this one-hour long show...and don't forget to TWEET your friends!


Learn about Spiritualty!
Get in Touch with Your True Spiritual Self
Communicate with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides
Learn Energy Cleansing Techniques for Yourself and Others
Conquer Your Inner Reality and Become More Aware of Your True Self
Discover Different Avenues of Spirituality including the Metaphysical & Holistic
Harness Your Right Brain Energy to Develop Your Inutition and Sixth Sense
Open Up to the Truth that can be Found in Psychic Abilities
Begin to Use Psychic and Mediumship Abilities NOW!
Launch Your Spiritual Power!

Spiritual Discovery™ owner, Linda Berry is offering one-on-one
Spiritual Training in ten 90-minute personal Sessions. Sessions can be held over the
phone or at the Spiritual Discovery™ Training Center in Southern California
either in person or over the phone. Her Spiritual Training is open to all
those who are interested in discovering and learning about developing their
spirituality from contacting their higher self and spiritual guides, energy
cleansing, developing intuition and the sixth sense, as well as psychic abilities
and mediumship. The psychic abilities explored include (but not limited to)
clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairessence as well as learning more about
channelling as a medium. Students will enjoy unique, informative, and educational
Spiritual Psychic Medium Training with professional instructor, Linda Berry.

The Training Sessions are 90 minutes long. Compensation for a Training Session
is $150.00 (per Session). Additional $10 per Session for Taping of Session.
Fee for the full Program is a ten Session Course, and if paid in full
by the first Session it will be reduced by $25 (please note: there are no
refunds on full Program payments). Each Training Session may also be paid
for individually at $150 per Session. Please Note: Over phone training add
$10 per session and add $10.00 for S/H to mail tape and training materials.

Call at 310-410-1836 for Registration and additional information or click on
the link below to email (please include your contact phone number) and Register NOW!

Email and Schedule Your Spiritual Psychic Medium Training TODAY!

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Learn More About the Personal
One-On-One Spiritual Training
and the Instructor, Linda Berry

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Click this Audio above and Listen to Linda NOW!

With her personal one-on-one Spiritual Training Linda helps her clients
to empower themselves. Personally assisting them in their spiritual
growth by giving them new insights and perceptions, and useful information.
Her personal Spiritual Training imparts knowledge and teaches skills that
can be used to help clients develop their natural spiritual abilities.
They then will have clearer visions of themselves, which can be used to
create better lives with a stronger spiritual base.

Linda uses helpful materials to supplement her Spiritual Training
which were developed through her acclaimed Spiritual Discovery
Training Program. She also includes several types of "Personal Readings"
of her clients (astrological, intuitive, etc.) during her Spiritual Training
Sessions to help assist them in getting to understand their true spiritual self,
while balancing their inside and outside worlds, as well as their left and
right brain energies. Sessions are taylored made to fit the need of the client
to help them get to learn what they need to know in their life right now.

Linda Berry is an accomplished consultant, trainer, and professional
speaker. She has extensive knowledge and background in personal
one-on-one as well as group workshop training. She enjoys sharing
her personal education and experience in spiritual growth with her
students in her advisory capacity in the Training Program.

{Linda Berry's Spiritual Biography} {Spiritual Discovery™ Training References}
{Shamanism History} {Shamanic Healing to Karmic Relationships}

Take the Step NOW!

Email to the Spiritual Discovery™ Center through the link below
to email (please include your contact phone number) or phone the
Spiritual Discovery™ Training Center at 310-410-1836
to set up the Spiritual Psychic Medium Training with Linda Berry.

Email and Schedule Spiritual Psychic Medium Training TODAY!


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