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Click here NOW and Listen to the Blog Talk Radio Show! "Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse" along with MERCURY RETROGRADE on the LUNAR NEWS™ RADIO SHOW with professional Spiritual Astrologer Linda Berry giving her Astrological Overview of the New Moon as well as the Solar Eclipse. Linda shares her unique spiritual insight for this super-energy charged Sagittarius New Moon along with Mercury Retrograde in the same Zodiac Sign. Get helpful tips on getting through this SOLAR ECLIPSE and MERCURY RETROGRADE period during this one-hour long Radio Show...and don't forget to TWEET your friends!


Perhaps one Astrology term you've been hearing a lot about lately is Mercury Retrograde. These Retrogrades, which cause the planet of communication to move backwards through the sky last three to four weeks and occur three to four times a year. This bodes a time when everything seems to be a case of "too little too late" or "too much too soon."

Delays, computer problems, broken promises and relationship problems are also typical of Mercury Retrograde periods. Problems with transportation and missing crucial bits of information that prevent you from achieving an understanding or "moving forward" are also typical during a Mercury Retrograde period.

A planet can be described as Retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the Zodiac. Of course this is an illusion ... actually the Earth is rotating causing the planets to seem to be moving backwards in the sky. Planets are never actually Retrograde or Stationary, they just seem that way, due to this optical illusion. Retrograde periods, although often problematic for mere mortals, are not particularly uncommon. Each planet Retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon. In general when a planet is Retrograde, it seems that inevitable fated events may take place causing us to feel like we are not in control in life.

A Retrograde period is best perceived as a cycle that consists of three stations. The motion is like a pendulum swinging with a start backward, a stop, a start forward, and a stop again.

A station is when the planet appears to be motionless in the sky. The first station occurs when the planet begins to slow to a halt before appearing to travel backwards through the Zodiac. The second station occurs when the planet slows down while moving backwards and appears to stop before moving forward again. The third station occurs when the planet returns to the point where it first paused (made a station.). The negative energy of the planet's Retrograde is most powerful while the planet is stationary and more likely to generate critical or disastrous results.

Mercury Retrogrades can be very uncomfortable as they affect thinking, perception, communication, commerce and transportation. People who work with their minds or their wits including writers, commentators, and media types are particularly personally affected by Mercury Retrogrades. The base functionality of telephones and computers are often affected, as is reception for radios and televisions. Cable television that is installed during Mercury Retrograde is likely to be fuzzy for a lifetime.

Mercury Retrogrades also have a terrible "slowing down" effect on freelancers who often find their "check is in the mail" and also on doctors who have problems taking good x-rays or locating blood tests. Projects started during Mercury Retrograde often have to be done over again.

Mercury Retrogrades make our lives so uncomfortable at times that we can hardly wait for them to be over. Still even though most Mercury Retrogrades last two to four weeks, they are also accompanied by what is called the "Retrograde Shadow." The Retrograde "Mercury Shadow" begins about one to two weeks before the actual retro station and some one to two weeks after direct station.

Mercury Retrograde, like any planetary aspect, affects people differently, depending on where it hits their personal Birth Charts. Some people actually prosper under a Retrograde Mercury, especially if they were born with a Mercury Retrograde in their Birth Chart. For instance if you have Mercury Retrograde in your 10th House (House of Career) at birth you could be cleaning up financially while your friend with Mercury direct in the 10th House loses all his business to you!

However one thing to remember that often projects begun during a Retrograde Mercury period will not come to fruition or completion until the next Retrograde Mercury station occurs.

In general it is wise not to make any big moves - sign big contracts, buy or rent a house, purchase appliances or computer equipment, or propose marriage during a Retrograde Mercury period. As mental facilities are also dimmed by this influence it is also not a good time to take a test.

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Click here NOW and Listen to the Blog Talk Radio Show! "NEW MOON IN ARIES" along with MERCURY RETROGRADE on the LUNAR NEWS™ RADIO SHOW with professional Spiritual Astrologer Linda Berry giving her Astrological Overview of the New Moon and Mercury Retrograde! Linda also answers questions for Callers and Chat Room like-minded individuals during this LIVE one-hour long show...and don't forget to TWEET your friends!


Traffic is at a standstill, you lock your keys in the car two days in a row, your cell phone is missing, your date doesn’t show up and, when you call to complain, you find out you went to the wrong restaurant. Can it get any worse?

It can only mean one thing: Mercury is Retrograde.

In Astrology, the planet Mercury rules communications, computers, mail, business, traffic flow, contracts, and negotiations of all kinds. Mercury goes Retrograde about three times a year, for approximately three weeks at a time (planets are said to be Retrograde when they appear to move backward in the sky from one day to the next).

In mythology, Mercury was a God who loved a good joke at mortals’ expense. When Mercury goes Retrograde, people get their wires crossed. Misunderstandings are more likely than at other times. These glitches can be small annoyances that eventually get worked out, or they can cause permanent breakdowns in relationships.

The Sign Mercury is in when it turns Retrograde gives a certain flavor to events. When Mercury is Retrograde in Sagittarius, which rules cars and traveling, we are well advised to hold off starting new journeys. When Mercury is Retrograde in Aries or Leo, people tend to be more selfish, aggressive, insensitive, and totally clueless that they’ve said anything even remotely wrong. When Mercury is Retrograde in Gemini, computer equipment breaks down faster than a cheap watch. Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are all Water Signs, so it’s likely that there will be lots of hurt feelings going around when Mercury is Retrograde in any of these Signs - especially during the Pisces Retrograde period. During the Cancer Retrograde period, you’ll need to be careful about what you say behind someone else’s back. You can bet it will get back to them, and in a way that’s very embarrassing for you. While Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio, sexual signals are misinterpreted, so don’t flirt unless you really mean it!

In general, here are six failsafe tips for surviving Mercury Retrograde:

SURVIVAL TIP #1: Don’t sign contracts or any other important agreement papers while Mercury is Retrograde.

SURVIVAL TIP #2: Back up your computer files well before Mercury goes Retrograde (at least one week before), and back up regularly while the Messenger is in reverse.

SURVIVAL TIP #3: It’s best not to travel while Mercury is Retrograde. But if you can’t avoid it, confirm your airline and hotel reservations, and get to the airport in plenty of time to clear security. And don’t even think about making a smart-aleck remark to law enforcement authorities, no matter how silly and stupid they seem to behave.

SURVIVAL TIP #4: Be extra mindful of how you’re using your words. You can be hurtful without realizing it. Be as clear in your communications as possible. Be explicit about what you want and need.

SURVIVAL TIP #5: Don’t automatically take offense by something you think you heard. There’s a good possibility you misunderstood either the actual words or their intent. And don’t blame others if they misunderstand you. You might think you were perfectly clear, and yet the other person might have rightfully understood something entirely different.

SURVIVAL TIP #6: Even if a mistake technically was someone else’s fault, forgive and forget. Otherwise intelligent people say and do stupid things while Mercury is Retrograde. Keep in mind that certain activities are favored under Mercury’s Retrograde influence: editing, rewriting, revising, reviewing, research – just about anything that starts with “re.” In some cases, you’ll be forced to redo work, but you can plan it that way, too, with very satisfactory results. Catching up on correspondence and paperwork is also more efficient while Mercury is Retrograde, provided you don’t commit to anything in writing. It's also a fantastic time to clean out the clutter in those file cabinets and closets. Above all, maintain a sense of humor. Looked at with the right attitude, some of the misunderstandings that occur while Mercury is Retrograde can be downright hilarious. It’s the stuff that Hollywood comedies are made of.

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Click here NOW and Listen to the Blog Talk Radio Show! "Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse & Venus Transit"...on the LUNAR NEWS™ RADIO SHOW with professional Spiritual Astrologer Linda Berry (the "Zodiac Yoda") giving her Astrological Overview of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the Venus Transit of the Sun as well as current sky happenings. Linda shares her unique spiritual insight for this super-energy charged Sagittarius Full Moon and the Venus Transit. Questions are answered for Callers and mini Cosmic Readings are given by the "Zodiac Yoda" during this 2-Hour long Radio Show...and don't forget to TWEET your friends!

Venus Transit Information & Videos

Don't be surprised if someone from your past contacts you. When the planet of love, Venus turns Retrograde, it is time to focus on your important relationships. And since all Retrograde periods signal a time of review, it can be helpful to revisit the past to more deeply understand your current relationships or to assimilate more thoroughly events and conversations that didn't get your full attention previously. The wonderful thing about Venus going Retrograde is that this review process is invaluable to the continued growth of a relationship. It can help you take care of unfinished business and gain a deeper perspective on the status of your current relationships. Although people tend to withdraw overt affection during Venus Retrograde periods, this stepping back allows Neptune (the planet of spiritual love and the higher octave of Venus) to step forward. Sometimes we need to reassess the state of our relationships to see if we are heart-connected. If this period is unsettling, look to see if your relationships are in line with your ideals, your inner values, and what you wish to receive.

Realize that Venus is in its six-week Retrograde cycle which hasn't occurred in the last year and a half. Patience is your keyword as you look back before moving forward. Get set to go into this six-week cycle in which you need to re-evaluate your sensitive side, feminine nature, and value system (a value system that is deeply connected to the society, culture, and civilization in which you are currently living). When Venus, the love planet, goes Retrograde it can turn back the clock on romance during this six weeks. Getting a current relationship on track by finding ways to freshen it up or reconnecting with an ex are possibilities now. Just take your time to really look at your strong emotional responses rather than acting on them immediately. Be ready for change but do it with clear intention instead of blind impulse. Also remember, you will experienced delays and relationship struggles anytime Venus is Retrograde.

All Venus themes and archetypes - love and romance, creative artistry, personal magnetism, emotional sensitivity, partnerships, monetary savings and material assets, land and property, feminine concerns, social and cultural activities - are accentuated now and over the six-week period while Venus is Retrograde. It is wise to keep reviewing themes and issues related to feminine concerns, social and cultural matters, the graphic and fine arts, primary partnerships and love bonds. Does Venus in reverse mean that romance must go south and that love vibrations will decrease in wavelength? Not at all! What it means is that you need to go inward to understand love bonds on a DEEPER and more satisfying level. It also asks you to review, reflect on, and re-evaluate all the themes mentioned above.

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Mars (the planet of action) is the energy that helps all of us go for it and express our desires. So when Mars travels Retrograde; its excited, active energy becomes covert and calculated, its motives are hidden. When Mars is retrograde, everyone's thought patterns are more introspective and we tend to think about ways of acting on issues and concerns which relate to the sign involved.

Positively, Mars Retrograde can give us a chance to think before acting; to assess our motives and aggressions before reacting; to find our inner demons and send them packing before they continue to interfere with our life.

Mars turns Retrograde only once every two years and two months, but the effects of each period differ, according to the Sign in which the Retrograde happens. With Mars Retrograde in Leo, people with Sun or Moon in Leo, or Leo rising, will be especially prone to such introspection. We will reconsider personal views and opinions about life, since it presents an opportunity to gain insight into unconscious motivations, the hidden motivations that cause us to act without thinking. Since Leo is a Fixed Sign, the other fixed Signs, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius, will also feel the effects most keenly. Scorpio in particular is liable to conflict and headstrong behavior in the arena of career and public image, because Mars rules Scorpio.

Mars retro in Leo may generate an aggressive, egocentric mood, and those most affected may be inclined toward grandiose gestures and improbable schemes. Enthusiasm and inspiration, however, seem muted during this phase, as anxieties develop around image and ego-desires. This may not be the best time to start a new creative project, and if you do, you may abandon it or just lose energy for it when Mars stations Direct. It is, however, a great time to complete long-term projects. Mars turns Direct again on March 10, 2010, in the first degree of Leo.

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Jupiter is the planet of luck, grace, favor and fortune. Jupiter brings wealth, abundance, and optimism. Our successes, accomplishments and prosperity are all within the realm of the grace this large planet bestows upon us. All Jupiter themes -- religion and philosophy, higher education and long-distance journeys, expansion of consciousness, publishing and teaching, Big Business, the power of positive thinking, good fortune and success, love-wisdom vibrations, the multi-media, social-cultural activities, athletics and large-scale adventures, speculation and gambling, over-optimism and over-achieving -- are emphasized during its Retrograde cycle.

However, when Jupiter turns Retrograde, our forward momentum is reversed. This period is not a good time to start new ventures, make financial investments or even change jobs for that matter. Rather, it is a time to finish projects, an excellent time to pay attention to relationships, as well a time to gain a better perspective on life and our inner self. The major emphasis of a Jupiter Retrograde period is on inner awareness and inner growth. Take advantage of this Retrograde to make an inward journey of your own and discover the role this lucky planet plays in your life.

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In March 2015 Saturn will station Retrograde in the Sign of Sagitarrius, meaning from the Earth’s perspective it appears to be retracing the same star patterns it has just crossed taking a deeper look at these mysteries. Up until August 2015, when Saturn goes direct, the focus is on noticing what no longer works and changing our outer reality. This creates the space for external changes in the outer world of form that become more concrete once Saturn goes direct in August 2015.

Saturn going 'Backwards'? Does it sometimes feel like the universe is working against us? Or sometimes we can get really lucky and realize that the entire universe is on our side. Well, maybe it's not the universe we're wrestling with -- maybe it's just Saturn. Saturn, that ringed, celestial body, three stops past Earth, can wreak havoc with our lives ... or help us reach our highest heights. In March 2015, Saturn, the Ruler of Karma, turns Retrograde. The powerful planet that rules our Karma will travel 'backwards.'!

Is Saturn Retrograde good for our Karma? A planet in Retrograde is like a request for us to take a look at certain aspects of our lives, reflect on them and figure out how to improve them. Saturn Retrograde, being related to time, the past and consequences and responsibilities, is an excellent opportunity for us to take a look at our Karma. This time of reflection could actually be the best thing that's happened to our Karma: once we realize what our problem areas are, we can fix them. And with Saturn moving in reverse through Virgo, now might be an excellent time to consider how relationships with our health, our work, and our service could be affecting the rest of our lives, and maybe lives to come.

Can we change our Karma? Improving our Karma is a great idea -- but if we don't know what our Karma's like to begin with, how can we make it better? For a deeper understanding of your Past Lives and what Karmic lessons you still need to learn, Email on the Link below for a Spiritual Astrology Reading TODAY and find out what Karmic energy you have brought with you from other lives as well as what you are working on in this one!

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Uranus, the planet of rebellion, is the oddball of the Solar System. For starters, it rolls along its side -- on its equator -- instead of spinning upright in its orbit the way planets typically do. Uranus is also in Retrograde for more than half of the year. This means it is only direct for two weeks, and is Retrograde for about five months out of every Earth year. Astrologically, Uranus liberates you from the shackles of convention and applies pressure to change whatever is stagnant in your life. Uranus rules electromagnetic energy and is like a lightning storm that creates chaos as it cleans the air, revealing a fresh new world once the storm has cleared.

Are you feeling restless or rebellious? Do you want to be in charge of your own destiny instead of having others tell you what to do or who to be? Good! When this independent planet changes direction, its power is strong. You are being asked to liberate yourself from old habits and conditioning. Embrace change and be flexible so you can take advantage of this new cosmic climate. All Uranus themes are reinforced at this time -- revolution and radical change, intuition and future shock, surprise and unpredictability, innovation and revelation, the multi-media and high technology, science and metaphysics, astrology and occult teachings, instability and anxiety, the nervous system, breakthroughs and breakdowns.

When Uranus is retrograde, expect the unexpected. Wonderful and startling surprises are very possible. This retrograde may set your wild side free, or it could make a notoriously outgoing person uncharacteristically shy. To know exactly what to expect, review the placement of Uranus in your Birth Chart. If Uranus is direct in a Birth Chart, intuitive and inventive impulses flow on a regular basis. However, when Uranus is Retrograde in a Birth Chart, rebellious urges tend to bottle up and then burst forth, seemingly out of nowhere,especially during Uranus Retrograde. A Uranus Retrograde period seems to reawaken freedom urges within individuals, causing them to suddenly and unconsciously rebel against any ruts or confinement in life. Is Uranus Retrograde in your Birth Chart? Should you be on guard against your own rebellious tendencies during a Uranus Retrograde period?

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When Neptune turns Retrograde it prompts you to turn inward and revisit your dreams, fantasies, and goals. Neptune has been in Pisces since 2012, Retrograding each year in this group-oriented humanitarian Sign. Neptune goes into Retrograde five months out of every year. It takes 165 years for Neptune to circle the Sun one time, long enough for this planet to spend 14 years in each Sign of the Zodiac. Each Retrograde cycle has been part of a long-term project. It has been important to keep the bigger picture in mind even as you're carving out your own personal plans for yourself. It's time to move forward incorporating everything you've learned over each Neptune Retrogade period. For extra insight, examine the House in your Birth Chart where the yearly Retrograde in Aquarius occurs.

Neptune, the planet of fantasy and illusion, can have your logical and rational mind turn into a mush of confusion, forgetfulness, and you likely be totally spaced out. Being that Neptune rules dreams and ideals this is a great time to use meditation to reach your spiritual center. Neptune is also the planet of exposure and uncovers hidden truths, fraud, and deception. During a Neptune Retrograde cycle all kinds of secrets might be uncovered and put into the spotlight. The truth will be out!

If Neptune is Retrograde in your Birth Chart, you may be deeply involved in escapism, or living in a dream world. No one really knows what goes on behind your eyes and, though you may be sitting at a desk in an office, you're probably dancing ballet or hunting wolverines in your mind. The position of this planet can make some people more inhibited and unable to realize their dreams. Alternatively, some can be plunged into a dream world from which they can't resurface. This could even include drug or alcohol abuse, constant escapism, running away or absolutely shutting out reality. All this can be charged up during a Neptune Retrograde period.

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Pluto is a tiny, distant body, invisible to the naked eye. Yet, Pluto is incredibly powerful, a force for total transformation, regeneration and rebirth. Pluto asks us to go beyond what we know, redeem ourselves in the process and come out stronger as a result. Pluto represents how we direct our lives. It takes Pluto a whopping 248 years to complete its orbit around the Zodiac and, it takes between 12 and 31 years to pass through a Zodiac Sign. On November 26, 2008 it moved into Capricorn where it settles down for the next 16 years - until 2024! For the past 12 years Pluto had been stationed in the Sign of Sagittarius. For the very first time since 1778 (during the French Revolution) Pluto moved into the Sign of Capricorn! This long-lasting transit will likely bring profound changes to government, banking or our transportation systems. Pluto in Capricorn could represent the triumph of spiritual will on the highest professional levels - leading to mastery and financial success that millions of people can recognize through your prodigious output. Left unchecked or ignored in its importance, Pluto in Capricorn has the potential to devastate economic and business structures worldwide over its lengthy, 16-year life-cycle. This is a very noteworthy astrological event as Pluto entered ambitious Capricorn changing your (and everyone's) focus for the next 16 years.

Since Pluto, planet of overall transformation everywhere, entered Capricorn, Sign of all world structures (governments, leaders, finances, the structure of civilization) we will see nothing stop the tide from moving relentlessly toward its goal of first, destruction of the old ways of being and later, the creation of a world of sharing and equalizing resources for all of humanity. All that we have done and accomplished in the past years will be reviewed and restructed, as everything we know will alter. That which is not sustainable, life-affirming, and for the well-being of Earth, will be shattered so a new order and new ways of life can emerge. Each of us and all aspects of our life will be affected personally and globally. What we have seen in the past several years is simply a preface, prologue, prelude of what’s to come in the next two and half decades.

When Pluto turns Retrograde in ambitious Capricorn, it prompts you to transform your life in order to make achievements. While the world-at-large is focused on taking broken systems and making them work, examine the systems in your own life. What needs a serious rehab? You have until Pluto turns direct to get your life on a good successful track. During this Retrograde cycle all Pluto themes -- death and rebirth, regeneration and metamorphosis, the underworld and collective unconscious, repressed emotions and feelings, the dark night of the soul experience, secrets and mysteries, willpower and extremes, catharsis and purging, nuclear-atomic energy, and government -- are accentuated. Pluto is incredibly powerful duting a Retrograde period, a force for total transformation, regeneration, and rebirth. Pluto asks us to go beyond what we know, redeem ourselves in the process and come out stronger as a result. Pluto represents how we direct our lives.

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