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Intro to Palmistry Class
Personal Palmistry Training Program
Special Training - Group Workshops and Seminars
About the Instructor: Linda Berry
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Presented by: Linda Berry
Date: October 25, 2014
Time: 1pm to 3pm
Fee: $35
Location: Controversial Bookstore
3063 University Avenue * San Diego (North Park), CA 92104
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Palmistry is the study of the lines and the signs of the hands. In this
Palmistry Intro Class, trainer and palm reader, Linda Berry will reveal the
mystery surrounding this ancient dynamic process that has been practiced
for over 3,000 years. Your hands hold information about your personality
and psychological traits as well as how you view and live your life.
Your emotional tendencies, social attitudes, conscious awareness and
subconscious fears, blockages and strengths can be understood through
this in-depth system. Since the lines of the hand reflect your thoughts
and emotions, when your attitudes and behavior patterns change,
the lines reflect these changes.

This comprehensive Intro to Palmistry Class will help you gain an objective view
of who you really are as well as those around you. In this introduction you will
begin to learn how to successfully read your palms as well as being able to read others.
The class includes a Take-Home Packet and the following instruction:

*History of Palmistry
*How to Read the Hands and Fingers
*How to Read the Mounts of the Palm
*How to Read the Lines & Special Markings

Register for the class TODAY and "team" with a friend to share palm readings.
You won't want to miss this unique, educational, and fun Palmistry Intro Class!
To schedule the class call 310-410-1836 or email by clicking on the link below.
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Personal Palmistry Training Program

Linda Berry is offering a Personal Palmistry Training Program which includes
six/eight 90-minute one-on-one Sessions. It will be held at the Spiritual Discovery
Training Center in Southern California.

This Program is open to all those who are interested in learning the basics of
palm reading, the history of palmistry, and learn how to read palms either for
personal knowledge and fun, or professionally. Students will enjoy a unique,
informative, and fun Personal Training Program and will not only be able to
read their hands and palms, but those of their friends and family as well.
{Palmistry Information} {Palmistry History}

This comprehensive Personal Palmistry Training will help you gain an objective
view of who you really are as well as those around you. It will also teach you
how to successfully read your palms as well as being able to read others.
Training includes the following instruction:

*History of Palmistry
*How to Read the Hands and Fingers
*How to Read the Mounts of the Palm
*How to Read the Major Lines in the Palm
*How to Read the Minor Lines & Special Markings
*How to Give a Palm Reading

The Program will cover everything mentioned in the above description
and will be very personal, one-on-one instruction. Individual Sessions
are available and are based on the student's particular needs and
interests, or if additional training is required or requested by
the student once the Six/Eight Session Program is completed.

If the student will be reading palms professionally, two more Personal
Training Sessions are required in which the student will be practice
reading Palms and be reviewed by Professional Palm Reader, Linda Berry.
After taking these additional Sessions, the student will receive a
"Certificate of Palmistry" to certify their professional status.

Fee for the full Program is a 6 or 8 Session Course, and if paid in full
by the first Session it will be reduced by $25 (please note: there are no
refunds on full Program payments). Each Training Session may also be paid
for individually at $100 per Session. (8 Sessions are required if wanting to be
a professional Palm Reader). Note: Additional $10 per Session for taping of Session.
Call 310-410-1836 for Registration and information or click on the link
below to email (please include your contact phone number)and Register TODAY!

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Take the Step NOW!

Email to the Spiritual Discovery through the email link below
or phone 310-410-1836 to schedule Personal Palmistry Training
with professional Palm Reader and trainer, Linda Berry.

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Palmistry Training with Linda Berry

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Listen to Linda Berry on Blog Talk Radio

Click here NOW to visit Linda Berry's Blog Talk Radio Page for Archived Radio Shows! Listen to Your Favorite Radio Shows covering Topics in Spirituality, Metaphysics, Holistics, and the Paranormal! Questions are answered from Linda Berry and her Special Guests and Astrology Mini-Readings are given during the Full and New Moons. Thank You for Listening to the SPIRITUAL DISCOVERY™ and LUNAR NEWS™ Radio Shows...



Special Palmistry Workshops are also available for groups of twenty
people or more. This may be a private get-together of friends or it
can be part of a larger event, such as a conference or convention,
fair, festival, large party, casino night, open house, holiday boutique,
networking event, etc. A special price is negotiated and a group
rate is charged. Each Special Training Event is scheduled according
to the event and must be booked at least two weeks to a month prior.

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Special Palmistry Workshop with Linda Berry



Linda Berry is the owner, consultant, trainer and spiritual reader for Spiritual Marketing
and Spiritual Discovery™. With the "Marketing" side of the business she works with
spiritual, metaphysical, and holistic businesses and organizations developing affordable
marketing programs. On the "Discovery" side she empowers people to discover their spiritual
selves. Linda presents workshops and courses for both sides of her business and also conducts
one-on-one training. She has a copyrighted "handbook" to supplement her training of which
she developed as an education tool for her highly successful and award-winning workshops.

Because of her extensive knowledge and background in marketing and personal education
and experience in spiritual growth, she has established a new concept of combining
"old" and "new" spirituality principles to create Spiritual Discovery™:
"Discover Your Hidden Self and Secret Gifts."
She has successfully merged theories and
practices of the most well known professionals in the spiritual, psychological, and
metaphysical realm to create inspiring and growth oriented workshops, classes, personal training
programs, workbooks and handbooks, spiritual readings, and at her Spiritual Discovery™
Training Center which offers spiritual, metaphysical and holistic courses, workshops, and seminars.

Linda has been actively seeking her own spirituality since she was very young. Her aunt,
an accomplished astrologer and numerologer, started Linda reading palms as a child.
Since then Linda has studied in various areas of Old Age Spirituality (Native Indian)
and New Age Spirituality (Metaphysical) to combine the two into her style of
Spiritual Readings and Trainings. Her readings include Spiritual Palm Readings,
Spiritual Astrology Readings, and Native Indian Medicines Readings, which are aimed
toward helping people to grow and heal themselves. By getting in touch with their
"higher selves" she gives them insights and perceptions that result in clearer visions
and the discovery of inner knowledge, which can be used to create happier lives.
In her Spiritual Discovery™ Training Program she guides them in finding the
road to take for their own spiritual journey. Using very analytical techniques in her
teaching style, Linda's training is not only spiritual, but interesting and educational as well.

She also conducts workshops and offers private training courses and classes on Palm Reading.
Linda has developed a comprehensive instructional program that helps individuals gain an
objective view of who they really are as well as those around them. This ancient
dynamic process that has been practiced for over 3,000 years reveals information on
personality and psychological traits, and changes in attitudes and behavior patterns.
The workshop and classes cover everything from the history of palmistry to reading
the hands, mounts, lines, and giving a palm reading. She encourages her students to
"team up" with a partner when taking the workshop or private classes so they can read
each others hands and learn easier, faster, and help develop a style of reading.
With over 30 years experience in reading palms, Linda is one of the most sought after
palm reader and instructor in palmistry practice today.

Through her Astrology expertise and background she has developed one-one-one
Basic Astrology and Intermediate Astrology Personal Training Programs and her
one-on-one Spiritual Astrology Training Program. She combines her knowledge of
Western, Classical, Karmic, and Shamanic Astrology to develope educational
as well as growth and healing oriented Astrology Training Programs. Students
learn everything from how to read their Birth (Natal) Chart, relationship
oriented Synastry Charts, energy producing Transit Charts, Solar and Lunar Return
Charts, as well as learning about the Moon and its relationship to the elements.

Linda is the past President of the San Diego Chapter of NCGR (National Council for
Geocosmic Research). NCGR is an internationally known Astrological organization that
certifies Astrologers at four levels of expertise. She currently serves on the National
NCGR PEP (Professional Empowerment Program) Committee and is also a National NCGR
Astrological Mentor. Linda is an active member of the local San Diego Astrological
Society (SDAS) as well as the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR).

A dynamic and sought after public speaker, Linda has been a presenter at meetings,
workshops, seminars, and conferences around the country, and has appeared on both
radio and television. She is also the author of the soon to be published books:
Spiritual Marketing for the Modern Day Astrologer, Archetypes in Astrology,
Spiritual Astrology™: Karmic Insight and Shamanic Healing, Moon through the Signs:
Elemental Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Discovery™: Discovery Your Hidden Self
and Secret Gifts, and Spiritual Palmistry and the Seven Classical Planets.

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{Linda Berry's Personal Spiritual Astrology™ Training}
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